Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Angie's Bits and Pieces

I'm going to feature a few sites this week that I love.  This is one of them.  Angie's Bits and Pieces

I first found this site through the girls on Coming Together to Quilt.  There was a freebie and who doesn't like "free".  It was for a Christmas wallhanging

This was Angie's

and this is mine.  I enjoyed doing it as it came out once a month and it wasn't stressful that way.  Get it done, put your block away and start another the next month.

Well, darn another year came around and another wallhanging was up.  I loved it right away and thought I better at least print it off.  That was all that happened.  I haven't bought the fabric for it yet, but I'm planning on getting some this year.  Hancock's has some really nice ones on the site.

I then joined the site.  I really like everything there and yes, I know I can't do them all.  I save a lot and someday I will get them done.  I did do this one.  Two in fact.  One for me and one for a silent auction to raise money for a young family that had just lost their husband/father.

This is me.  All dressed up in my Mom's clothes, high heels and all.  I never had long hair, but I can imagine, can't I?

I was in a swap last Hallowe'en and made this......well only part of.  I made the witch and attached a label to the back.  I got the girl that organized the swap so put on everyone's name that was in it.

I'm slowly working on this one.........................I have two blocks done and then its
this one.......................well, parts of.  I have the watermelons done as you know.  I decreased the size and sent out my summer postcards with a slice of the good stuff on it.
I am definitely doing the chicken wrap! and the hot dog, and the hamburger and the ice cream cone and the fries.  Note its all good............the healthy kind!!!!  LOL  Oh my gosh I missed the slice of pizza!

There are little things on the site that you can make up quite quickly and give away as gifts.  Browse around, not everything is for members.

Angie also has a blog that I follow. She lives in Ecuador and you can not only read about life there but about her friends and what they are up to in their sewing group. I know you'll enjoy it.

By the way, this is a wanna do. I have a friend who would just love it.  Mine is going to have two little girls in it.

Oh, my goodness, I forgot.  Today is a big day in our family's life.  Its our son Peter's and his wife Heather's 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Congratulations and love from us.

Margaret, Cathy, Kristina, Heather, Peter, Matthew, oh dear I never remember his name, and John

Matthew cracked the joke, that's why everyone is laughing.  He is Peter's cousin.
Margaret and Cathy are Heather's sisters and Kristina is our daughter.

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