Friday, May 28, 2010

This ain't quilting!

I'm off today to our last workshop of the year.  It was suppose to be my last workshop, but I haven't retired after all.  I'm going to do it again in the fall and then see what the spring brings.  I'll post photos next week of all the beautiful jackets the girls have made.

Well, we did it!  We went to the car dealership last week and picked up our new baby.  It is blue with a beautiful interior.

We have running boards, which you can't see in the photo and so many headlights, there is no way they can't see me coming.  This by the way, is Karl's door!  I get in on the other side.

There is a sticker on the windshield that tells us she was made in Kansas City.  Hurrah, a North American vehicle in our driveway again.  Karl picked the exterior colour and I picked the interior.  He picked all the "manly" stuff and I picked the fun things, like a moonroof.  I got the sunglasses holder cause I dashed into a dollar store and bought a cheap pair to leave there.

This is what you see when you open up the back end.  Big, really, really big.  Man can I get a load of fabric in this car.
This is my control panel.  It will be like flying a 737!  I sure hope I remember everything Susan told us.

and this is the view from my moonroof as I sit in the driveway.
I am not calling this a truck!  We already have a truck in the drive and this is my "car".  I know other people do call them trucks, but that is just a bit too confusing for us.
I was a bit surprised when Karl told me tonight that we paid more for this car, than we paid for the house we have lived in for 36 and 3/4 years.  Boggles the mind!
Yes, I have a quilt that I intend to put in.  I have a favourite that will be left over the back seat for when Karl blasts the air and my legs get cold.  That's when I'm a passenger of course.

I wrote this last week just after we got our new car.  Yesterday I was looking out the computer room window and saw a bird admiring himself (note the him), in Karl's mirror on his pick-up.  Karl put a milk bag over the mirror and we thought -- stupidly thought -- that the bird would give up.  Didn't happen.
In the afternoon I walked  by the end of the drive and there he was back again.  This time on my new car!!!!  I shooed him away and washed away his calling card.
Later the little beggar was back again.  This time on the grill.  I made sure I got some photos and then sent him on his way.  Of course, he left a deposit on the license plate for us.  How dare he!!!  On my new car.

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Humboldt Broncos
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