Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My fabric came!

I finally have my fabric from Hancocks.  It was on the front porch when I opened the door at noon.

from left to right...............backing for a Christmas quilt, red fabric for the binding of that quilt, fabric for a pillowcase for granddaughter number 1 and pillowcase fabric for grandson number 3.  The bright yellow?  That's the bag the fabric comes in.  I save them.  They do come in useful for some things.

You know that old expression.............the best laid plans of mice and men.  Well, my idea wasn't very good.
The red inner border looks awful.  Well, not awful exactly but it kills the purple.  There really isn't a red in the quilt with the exception of the little doo-dads on the white. 

When I showed Susan today, she turned her nose up instantly and said it looks like the women from the red hat society.  I have to agree.

So here we are.  Back to the original thought.  Purple border to finish it off.  Cut what I have equally into four sections and sew the dang stuff down.  I'm going to get it that point and take it with me to The Hobby Horse a week Sunday and see if I can find either the turquoise or the orange and bind it with that.  I'll have it done and give it to Julia so she can show it off at the June meeting of our Guild. 
I'll post a story to it cause I always have a story to tell about my quilts. 

I failed to mention that I got the new catalogue from Hancocks with my order.  Oh-oh.  Big trouble.  I found some really nice fabrics, but even better I found ideas for Christmas gifts.  I should get started. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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