Friday, April 23, 2010

The Quilters Garden Patch

There is a fabulous little quilt shop in our Town.  It is located at 77 Bronte Road down by the is in the same location as the quilt shop that I used to work in.

It doesn't matter where you look in the store there are quilts hanging everywhere.  Bolts and bolts of fabric and yummy fat quarters.  There is a children's section with fabulous choices.

Shelves of 1930's fabrics and look at this...................a fireplace (not operational), but so cosy to look at on cold winter days.  Warms you right up.

These three photos are the walls of the classroom and I didn't get to take all of what is there.  There is a fabulous quilt that is not to be photographed yet.  You should, you really really should go in and see words can describe it. 
I love the Canada goose wallhanging.  I should have bought that pattern along with the fabric I chose yesterday.  Yes, I was back in buying more.

Ruth is checking out the stairway of fabric.  This is a great way to display what is available.  I love it!  The staff are knowledgeable and friendly.  When you're in Town, drop down and say "hello".  The store is just south of the Lakeshore Road on Bronte Road.  Look for the building with the big wooden porch. 
Thanks to Janet the store owner for allowing me to photograph her store.  I appreciate it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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