Monday, April 12, 2010

Going to start

My fabric is here.............finally!  I ordered it awhile ago and I knew at the time that it wasn't in the warehouse and wouldn't be until March 1st.  I received notification that it was in but I procrastinated in ordering it!  Something I don't normally do.

This quilt is not for me.  It is for our son and daughter-in-law's 20th Anniversary.  I told them they would get the top for the day and then the whole thing for Christmas.  I'm having it machine quilted, edge to edge.........definitely no custom work on this one.

I lent my Hancock's catalogue to my daughter-in-law and she picked out a quilt.  It was 58" x 58" and it was a kit!  Not going to fit a queen size bed.  (This is the one she chose.)

Her choice of fabric surprised me.  It is Garden Twist by Sharon Evans Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics.  (I just didn't expect her to pick blue).  I went through the cataloque and downloaded the fabrics that were there to EQ.  Then I started to design the quilt.

This was the first design and I sent it up to them to approve or say "Nay".  They said "w-e-l-l, its alright, but.....................".  Silence says it all, doesn't it.  After 6 attempts, this was the final choice. 

 A few things were suggested and were quickly shot down by me......the sewer.  I want mitered corners and if you put a cornerstone in -- well, quilters can figure out why I nixed that one.

.When I ordered the fabric, I discovered that the swag that was featured in the catalogue in pink was also available in blue.  I ordered the swag because that is what Heather actually liked about the whole line.  When it came I counted the strips and there are four.  I sighed a huge sigh of relief.  If there had been only three I would have had to order more.  Now, I have to measure it and make sure it fits the border I designed.
These are the fabrics for the centre of the quilt and these are the borders.
The fabric is all washed and most of it pressed, so I'm ready to start. 

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