Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To pre-wash or not to pre-wash

This is really a hot topic.  I prewash and I will never not pre-wash.  Yes, I'm like those that don't pre-wash. I like the crispness of the fabric that I buy.  It cuts beautifully -- I agree with everything you are saying even though I can't hear you.

But I had something happen that has confirmed that pre-washing is the way to go.  Our guild is donating quilts to a Grace Children's Hospital in Haiti.  When it is a quilt for a child, I love to wash them in Ivory Snow before they go out my door.  Today I decided to get them all washed up.  In the first load went......I had 11 to do, so wanted them in 2 loads.  The first load was fine. 

The next load I put in and for some unknown reason I stood and watched the water going into the tub.  I stood and watched as the water turned orange!  Then it got to be a bright orange.  Then that quilt got yanked out, the water drained out. 

 I started over. I left the quilt that ran in the basin and finished up the second load of quilts.  The final load of the day was towels and they were red so I threw the quilt in with them.  I watched the water like a hawk.  The colour had quit running!  Finally!!!!!

(If you are donating fabric to any organization, let them know whether you have pre-washed or not.  Not only can colours run and sometimes completely ruin a quilt, but the shrinkage will be different too.)

That brilliant quilt is now ready to go with the rest of them.

These are all "under" quilts.  They have batting in them.  The rest will be made without so we are calling them "over" quilts.
Some have "fancy" backs

Some are really, really colourful!
This pattern is called:.........Straight to the Point.  We had a workshop last fall on how to make it.  It was the simplest, easiest quilt I've made on point.  The pattern is available here

This is a quilt as you go style quilt.  I'll be giving a tutorial on it after the 27th of March.

Many, many thanks to the folks who donated these quilts............Sharon, Susan, Janet, Bev.

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Humboldt Broncos
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