Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm in a postcard swap on my quilting forum.  Last year we tried to do them once a month but we found it was hard. You got the theme at the first of the month and then had to make them and have them in the recipient's hands by the end of the month.  Time was not always on our side.

This year we switched to a seasonal format.  The first one is Spring.  I have been absolutely stumped!  I thought of a robin, then snowdrops, then think spring, then this, then that.  And then I went to google!  Why does it have to just be the season spring.............why not add a little "spring" to it!

I have my design.
Its not going to be exactly like this.  I re-designed it just a tiny little bit.
I have to get my fast-2-fuse out and some background fabric and then I'm off and running.  I know some of the girls in the swap check me out on here every day and I just can't give the whole thing away, cause well then what is the sense of going to the mailbox.

Once I have sent them on their way to Bearfoot, Paws, TLC and Linda 2B I'll post a picture.
In the meantime take a look at these.  They were from previous swaps we had on the quilting forum.  

These were from the theme "Fun in the Sun"
Bearfoot likes to go to the beach

and I like to eat...........................

This card was from Linda 2B and our theme was Snowmen
Paws sent this card.  On the back is cider, fireplaces, and weiner roasts!  All about "Out in the Country".
Of course, we had Christmas.........tlc and I made these and exchanged them with the others......................
There are four swaps this year.  I'll post what I send and I'll post what I get back.  It will be fun and boy do we ever get a variety.

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Humboldt Broncos
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