Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilter of the Week

This week's quilter is tiny.  Just a little thing................she is 9.  A learner.  It was March break last week and this little lass wanted to come over to sew.    Years ago she would come while Mommy worked and sit at the sewing machine and let it make "fancy" stitches.  She has never forgotten.  She was so small then, we would prop the foot control up on a stool so she could reach it.

I wanted something easy for the first lesson.  I phoned and asked if she would like to make a purse......"that would be cool" was the reply.  I asked what colours and she said red.............oh, don't have many reds I replied..............I like purple............okay.  I looked to see what I had and decided that whatever the colour it was do-able.

Grandpa and I drove over and picked her up.  We stopped at the fabric store and bought some cording for a and bright green were her choices.  There were beads in a rack that caught her eye too, so we grabbed a tube of them.  Then home we came.

We took the boxes off the shelves and she started picking out what she liked. 

This one looks good!!!!!

These were some of the finalists!  It was interesting to hear the reasons for the decisions.
When Morgan arrived in the basement where we were going to set up two sewing machines she started to pick more.  There is a load of fabric waiting to make Quilts for Haiti and she saw "bits and bobs" there that caught her attention.................whales, and cats and sea turtles and bugs..........but cut off those spiders!!!!!

Then it was time to sew!  She sat down at "Morgan's machine" and off she went.  The hardest part was choosing which fancy stitch. 

As soon as one row was completed, another fabric was chosen.  It didn't have to match, it didn't have to blend. This young lady could give lessons in scrappy quilts.  Nothing mattered except which stitch she was using.

She asked how to hold the fabric so it didn't move around.  I showed her and she was off.  I finally remembered to take a photo when she was more than half way through.  

 We started about 11:00 in the morning, stopped to eat a great lunch of grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches with lots of glasses of milk and arrowroot cookies for dessert. 
As soon as the meal was over we went got back to work.  And here it is........................Morgan's scrappy purse.

Grandma did the side seam and made sure the purse string was secure.  The rest was all done by Morgan. 

Fancy stitches, cats faces, fish flying, sea turtles swimming. red roses and bugs!  What more could a girl ask for?
We went back up to the living-room for my coffee break and Morgan dug out her beads and started to sew them on.
It is one pretty classy purse.  It had a few things in it to take home.........a little notebook and I believe there may have been a stuffed animal or two!

Morgan is coming back in a few weeks to make either a pillowcase or a blanket.  She hasn't decided which yet. 

Fantastic work, Morgan.  Grandma is really proud of what you did.

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