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Quilter of the Week

This post was originally published in March of 2010.  This past Wednesday my dear friend passed away after suffering a stroke.  I will miss her dearly.

In Memory of
Betty Avery Nietfeld
Delavan, Illinois
Rest in Peace

I know, I know, I said everything Irish this week.  Well as they say, ya can't have it all!  I asked the quilter of the week if she was Irish and her reply was "No, but I can if you want me to be."  Her heritage is as far away from Ireland as you can imagine.

This week's quilter of the week lives in Illinois.  I "met" her on an old quilting forum that was started by Fons and Porter.  I asked her a question about her dog........a beautiful black labrador (I love black labs.) and since that day we have become really good friends.   On here I will call her Betty, but those of us that talk daily on our quilting forum call her Paws. 
This is our girl Happy!  She is the judge and the jury of all quilts that Paws makes.  The quilt that Happy is approving here is called Windblown Shadows and it is from Thimbleberries and Betty made it in 2006.

Betty loves civil war fabrics and is known to choose a 30's print or two.   She began quilting in 1991 with small stuff and then became serious about her craft in 1996.  She has made many many quilts but most of them have ventured off to live in other people's homes.  Children and grandchildren are always waiting for her next quilt to be completed.  I want to start with this one because I love the story behind it.

Antique Butterflies.

The blocks were made by Betty's Mom and Grandmother in the mid 1930's and never finished past the blocks. It was hand appliqued and meant for daily use. The fabric is mostly feedsack. Betty  put the blocks together in the mid 1990's (a very novice quilter then).

I love this one and so does Betty.  It is called Vintage Star.  Betty is the owner of several vintage quilts.  This was purchased at an estate sale.  It was made by a "maiden" country school teacher in the 1930's.  It is HAND pieced and heavily hand quilted.  Look at what wonderful condition it is in.
 I have always liked this quilt and after I saw it, I wondered why I had tossed all my old t-shirts out.  Look what I could have made.  This is Betty's son's quilt.  John was a runner in high school and college. This is a collection of some of his T-Shirt.
What a fun quilt to make and I'm told John loves it.  Well, why not?  I'd love one too.......hint, hint, hint!

Grandma's New Dress--
I love 30's fabrics too and when I saw this one I asked Betty about it.  I have no idea how they arrived at the name of this quilt.........I can't see a dress!  I'm told it was an easy quilt to make and it has a home in Chicago with Betty's granddaughter who also loves the 1930's prints.

Every once in awhile we all find that "quilt from he**".  This was Betty's.  I don't understand why some pattern makers aren't more careful.  This designer just had -- let's say -- an easy care attitude.  I think Betty renamed this one to Finally Finished!!!!  The real name of it is Country Girl by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.  It is a beautiful quilt and Betty really likes it now that it is done!!!!!  Nothing matched and every single block had to be resized!  This quilt doesn't live in Illinois.  It has a home in Raleigh, NC with Betty's son.

This quilt has Happy's stamp of approval!!!  It stayed in Illinois and Betty's husband is the very proud owner of it.  It is a string quilt.  Made from scraps found in the sewing room.  What a wonderful Christmas gift that was! 

This quilt was for a new baby.  No pattern.......designed by Betty to be given to a young couple who were adopting. I'm not going to rewrite this.  I'm going to let Betty tell the story...........................This was a mixed race baby, born in prison. Not a better home could this baby ever have. It was my pleasure to make it. I like to sew a mustard seed in the linings of my baby quilts from the Bible verse that says "if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains". There was another baby--a sister--to this one born and adopted by this same couple just one year later. Of course this required another baby quilt.

No not this one.  This is a basket quilt and Betty found the pattern in a Fons and Porter magazine.  This is hand quilted by my friend.  Stunning, just stunning.
Last one.  For the blog, not the last quilt that Betty made!  Betty is an avid quilter.  She is in her sewing room every day, doing something.  This is another nine patch.  They are so beautiful when they are made up.  And great scrap quilts.  The lucky owners of this one are Betty's daughter and her husband.  A Christmas gift in 2000.
All of Betty's quilts are fabulous.  I love to see what she is doing........we trade photos.......and someday I'm going to travel to Illinois and have a coffee with her while I admire her quilts in person. 
Thank you so much Betty for sharing.  Love you girl!

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