Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pretty penquins -- Fat Cat Patterns

I have one made!  Not fused down onto my background yet, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I printed off my pattern in the morning and finally got around to it late yesterday afternoon.
Have you ever noticed that when you print off a pattern for fusible web that it has either numbers or letters on each piece?  Do you know why?  The creator of the pattern -- in this case -- Fat Cat has written them on for a reason.  Those are your placement numbers/letters.  You start with either 1 or A and build from that.  These patterns use letters.  Therefore, "A" would be placed down first, then "B", "C", "D", etc.

I did mine a little differently. I put the placement guide on my light table, then my teflon sheet. I started with"B" and "C" , then I stopped doing the alphabetical sequence. 
I did the centre of the penquin next.  I know from past experience that seeing through black fabric for placement can be difficult. 

TIP:...Before you start to work with your white fabric, press fusible interfacing onto the back of your light coloured fabric.  You then fuse the traced design that you have drawn onto your fusible web.  You will notice that when you adhere fusible interfacing to any light coloured fabric, the darker fabric will not show through.

Once I had the centre of the penquin all put together, I lifted it off, -- carefully -- set it aside, and then once again started to place my pattern pieces down.

I followed the letter sequence from then on.  Once all the pieces were on the teflon sheet, I moved it directly over the lightbulb and then placed the "tummy" of the penquin on.

Here he is!  I like these gals and guys.  I'll work on the rest of them tonight.  Tomorrow I hope to start sewing them down.  I have so much to do over the next couple of weeks, I really would like these finished "yesterday".

hehehehe, you can congratulate me this time.  I remembered to turn the tracing sheet over before I began.  Yes, for these patterns you must turn in over and trace from the back side. 

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