Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Irish Chain

This is an old patttern, and a well loved one.  I think its the simplicity of it that draws people to it.  Is it Irish or is it something else?  It dates back nearly 200 years but I'll let you read the article on it and you can decide.  I would like to think it came from Ireland, but then it could be said I'm a bit prejudiced.

I made an Irish chain "quilt" years ago. I took a workshop at the quilt store I worked in.  It was from a book by Eleanor Burns from her quilt in a day series..................
I don't know about you, but regardless of how prepared I am, I cannot make anything in a day.  I tried.............I just cannot do it. 

I did my quilt in the colours I liked at the time.  I wouldn't choose these again.  Dusty rose did work at the time, but if I did it again, I would definitely pick a few greens.  My tastes have changed over the years be it good or bad.

It never ended up being an quilt.  I put a muslin back on it and it was our duvet cover.  The duvet is long gone, but the cover lives on.  I have been thinking seriously of taking the back off, getting a backing and having Kathy quilt it.  I could then give it away to one of the granddaughters.
I remember having trouble with what to embroider in the blocks.  Everyone was using a shamrock but never having seen a pink shamrock I dropped that idea very quickly.  As I pondered my problem, my daughter suggested a rose and that's what I did.  Made me think of the song "My Wild Irish Rose"...............

Excuse the wrinkles.  As it is going back up on the shelf for awhile, I really didn't see the sense in giving it a good press for a couple of photos.  Call me lazy.................that's okay.
Tomorrow...............ah, a fabulous book review.  Tour of Ireland by Pat Sloan.  I don't own it, but our guild library does and this time, I'm making the wallhanging that is in it. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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