Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another magazine

I mentioned last Friday that I don't subscribe to magazines.  I buy them at Chapters or my favourite grocery store.............Fortino's!  That way my husband pays for them...........

One of the magazines that Fortino's carries is called Quilts and More.  It is published four times a year and I buy every one of them.  This is the cover on the latest issue.  I can always find something inside this magazine to make. 

I think this project would be perfect for someone -- like a grandchild -- to do.  It is simple and yet they can play with the sewing machine and they will accomplish something.
They could use it for school or when shopping with Mom.  It is an easy project and will hold their short attention span.
There is another bag featured in this issue that an adult would love to own.  It might go on my "do" list!
There are lots of super easy projects in this issue.  From Rainbow Bright placemats.....they are so cool.......making a pillowcase.........pincushion parfait and then right at the back is make it tonight.  I love this project.  Its a fancy dancy bulletin board!  I should do this with mine and spruce it up!

When I'm asked at workshops what magazines do you buy and why, this is the one I recommend right off the top.  This is the back of the magazine...........this is fabulous for the new quilter....for the old quilter too! 

These pages are in every issue.  Always there at your finger tips.  
This issue should be on store shelves for awhile.
The magazine is published by Meredith.  They have a facebook page and they have a website.  You can sign up at to receive a free quilting newsletter.

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