Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Row 2 Fat Cat Christmas pattern

I was working away on this row the other day doing the blanket stitch around the deers.  (I'm still working on the antlers!)

I discovered something that made things bit easier.
I started to sew and discovered with a bit of fiddling I could do the whole deer in one go.  Here is what I did.  I started where the body meets the head on the right side. 
Down and around the entire body to again, where the body meets the head.  Go up the side of the head to the ear.  Stitch around the ear until you get to the head again. 
NOW, with a straight stitch, sew down along the side of the head and when you get to the bottom of the ear, stop and turn the deer.  Now start the blanket stitch again. 
Over the top of the head and then the ear all the way around til you get to where the ear and head meet at the bottom.  Turn your piece of work and do the straight stitch up the side and then turn again and start the blanket stitch.

Continue with the blanket stitch until you reach where the head meets the body on the left hand side.  You can re-enforce the stitching here if you so desire.
This saved me time doing it this way.  I didn't have to stop and re-start.  I just kept on a Timex watch.

For a short period of time both rows one and two are still being offered.  Its not too late to download them here.
Please remember these patterns are copyright.  They are for your use only or as Sindy says so well on her home page:

© Copyright, All rights reserved, 2000-2010. Sindy Rodenmayer, Garland, TX. USA.

Hello friend! You are welcome to make quilts from these patterns for yourself, family, friends, fundraisers and raffles, and most of all, charities! You may even make quilts or gifts from these patterns to sell for a profit (No mass production though).What I ask you NOT to do please; no photocopying, no reproducing to package and market the patterns with the intent to sell them. Just because they are free here for your use, doesn't make it legal to use them in that way. When in doubt, email me and ask. Be friendly and keep the creative spirit of quilting alive and give credit where credit is due.

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