Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prince Edward Island

At the end of June last year, my husband and I drove to Prince Edward Island to meet up with some old (as in known for a long time) friends. We used to live together in a townhouse complex in Clarkson, Ontario awhile back….no, I’m not going to say how many years……since then they have lived in a few places, but my favourite was their ranch in Saskatchewan. Boy, if you want the vacation of a lifetime where you can relax your mind and your soul, find a friend with a ranch. It is fabulous. 10 days of pure bliss!  Reg and Jan now live outside St. John's, Newfoundland.  Jan had never been to PEI so we set out to rectify that situation.

We arranged the holiday through emails, telephone calls and the internet. Found a place to stay sight unseen and WOW what a little resort it was. We had a camping site and our friends rented a cabin. It was -- as the young’uns say -- awesome.
The weather wasn’t the best, but hey you can’t have everything. We did see a rainbow when the sun came out.  I think it rained every day we were there.  It was just one of those summers.  We travelled anyway.  Tip to tip!  Got the certificates to prove it.

I looked up quilt shops on the internet before we left and found a few. We went into Charlottetown and dropped into a quilt shop there. I knew what I wanted and I knew they carried it. Anne of Green Gables. I bought all three patterns --two to give to friends. I bought Anne fabric, I bought fabric that resembles the red sand of PEI and Anne's hair, I bought emerald, I bought sapphire. Well, I just bought! I bet they will be happy to see me come back for another visit.  Perhaps this September.

On the way back from North Cape, we stopped in O’Leary and shopped some more. Well, you never know……. that piece I picked up for the sand might just not be the right colour. We had some lunch at that famous Canadian doughnut shop……BLT on a toasted whole wheat bun. YUMMY!

(I had to give them a plug....its my son's pension plan.)

For those of you that are familiar with Lucy Maude Montgomery you will know that she came from the Island. Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, those were the words she used to describe it. She was so right about that.     
My friends, Barb and Charleen, and I have been working on our wall hangings for awhile now and are just about done. This is mine.
I have worked ahead so that I can help the other girls. Barb has a million “apples” on her apple tree to cut out and put on. Charleen has a quilt to make to hang on the clothesline. We are hoping to have these quilts ready to hang in the next Guild Quilt Show which, if we stick to schedule will be in the spring of 2012. I’m pretty sure we will have them done by then.
I bought the patterns and the majority of the fabric at this store.......The Quilting B and more.  To see the wonderful fabrics available with Anne, take a look here.......only available in Prince Edward Island.
Tomorrow I'll tell you how we made these wallhangings.  We did it a bit differently than usual.

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Humboldt Broncos
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