Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing Dress-up

I was on Angie's Bits and Pieces one day, browsing through as I am want to do.  I found this and I instantly thought about the days gone by when I would do the same thing. I had previously done a Christmas wall hanging from this website that will eventually make its way into someone's home..........a grandchild at this point as my kids seem to have enough seasonal quilts for now.

This is called Playing Dress-up and it was a freebie.  This was originally intended for a silent auction or raffle, but once I got going on it, well -- it ended up being mine.  It brings back so many memories for me including the time I was wearing my Mom's high heel shoes and tried to walk down the basement stairs.  Lets just say that I found the basement floor faster than I expected.  (I am now a member and have access to more patterns.)

I wanted to make her a little bit funky.  The fabric for the background is one I bought through the Guild.  The thirties fabric for the dress was in my stash.  The inside of the dress is actually the fabric from the wrong side.  Red shoes?  Well, I just like red shoes.  I don't own a pair and I doubt that my Mother ever did when I was a child.
The hat is similar to one I have now.  The flower is not "fixed" to the hat except in the centre.  I fused two pieces of fabric together and then traced the pattern onto the back and cut it out.  I used Aileene's tacky glue and put on the four seed beads.
The diamond on her right hand was given to me by a friend and as my birthday is in July, she had to have a ruby ring. 
I went to my friend Susan's house and she gave me the fabric for the "posh" handbag.  Her reddish hair reflects Anne of Green Gables, a storybook character I really like.
The beads........well, I went to Michaels and bought a container of them.  I struck them on dental floss and there they be.  I used the whole container!
This was a fun project.  Something I could let my imagination let loose on.  Something I could have fun with.  Nothing serious to it. 
It hangs in the doorway to my sewing room so I get to see her everyday.  She'll be there for awhile.  The pieces that I love hang on my walls for a long time.
This went together very quickly and if you were looking something a long-time friend from childhood or even for Mother's Day this could be it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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