Saturday, February 20, 2010

Landscapes 2

I'm going to share with you today 5 landscapes that I have completed and where I got some of my inspiration from. 

This is one of the first landscapes I ever did.  Charleen and I went up to The Hobby Horse for 3 classes because I am a firm believer in that "you can never take enough classes."  (That's another topic for another day.)  We bought kits for these classes and I'm not a big fan of kits.  Too many times I've been "short changed" on the fabric and that just annoys me something fierce.  Then you always get something that makes you wonder why someone even manufactured that specific one.  I think they put them in kits to get them off the store shelves!  Okay, back to the topic here.

I  bought extra stabilizer at the store we were in and came home and started looking through my "landscape" book.  I wanted something simple, easy, trouble-free, and quite effortless!  I chose this one from Simple Thread Painting by Nancy Prince.  Well, hey what did I looked easy.
  In all honesty it was.  Until.....................until I put the mat around it and it lacked -- something.  I left it for a few days and then decided it was the right hand side.  I added a simple pine branch and it was what I wanted it to be.  When someone asked me what those brown piles were in the bottom right hand corner...............I told them to think about it, after all it is a farm! 

I must admit I haven't done a lot of landscapes.  I don't know why.  I love doing them.  This was number two.  I received a card from a friend with something like this on the front.  Not quite, but sort of close to it.  I added the birch trees and the sailboat.  When I see the boat I think of our oldest grandson who loves to sail.  It brings back good memories of the times we would visit him in Kingston at Sea Cadet camp. 

This is a favourite.  As I've said before we have taken a lot of trips out west.  We always travel the Lake Superior route, most times both ways, some times one way.  It is beautiful country.  I did this from memory.  No photo in front of me.  This is The Lake.  In the background is Sleeping Giant, a peninsula east of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I found this photo

 on the internet and thought I would share it with those that have never seen this phenomenon.  It is really something to see and there is a legend about it!

This landscape is my imagination.  I don't think this place exists except in my mind.  It is springtime in the country.  All the trees are in bloom and the flowers in the fields are bursting forth with their beauty and their fragrance.  Its just too bad we can't sew the aroma.  I made this as a sample for a workshop our Guild held in September 2009.
This is the last one I have done.  Its for a friend "down under".  It is extremely hot in her area right now and she has asked for snow!  This is the best I could do.
I hope she can feel the "cool".
Sometime next week, I'll post how to do landscapes.  I will have to post other instructions the first of the week for those that cannot attend an upcoming workshop.  It should be about Wednesday if all my luck holds.
Sorry this is late being posted.  I forgot to hit "publish post".  Have a good week-end.

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