Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WOW! Its Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon, I spent at the cutting board, the sewing machine, the ironing board..........the sewing machine is upstairs, the ironing board is down so I definitely got my exercise.
On Monday at the exec. meeting of the guild we discussed the possibility of making quilts for the orphans of Haiti.  Susan came up with a marvellous idea.  Do quilt as you go and use Patti Carey's method of sewing down the binding.  I made one, not quite what the finished ones will look like, but I wanted to time it.
I started with a "panel" that has been in the box for awhile........last year sometime.  I bought this piece of fabric cause I wanted a tiny wee bit.  I trimmed it up and it came up 14 1/2".  Good starting point. 
I cut the strips for what will be the quilt we will be doing and then cut off strips measuring 3 1/2" to add to the panel.
I placed the panel in the middle of the batting that had been laid down on top of the backing.  I pinned it securely in place.  I started at one side and laid my first strip along one long edge and sewed it in place.  I then took it to the ironing board and pressed it upwards.  I continued to do this for every strip.
When I was done one side I did the other.  In no time at all they were all done.  I then sewed in the opposite direction to secure the batting so it won't shift.
Back I went to the basement to find that pink solid fabric I had been using a few weeks ago.  I cut binding from it and sewed it to the BACK of the quilt.  I then brought this to the front and using a zig zag stitch I sewed it in place.  Finished.  I have never made anything that fast in my life.  Love it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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