Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Quite a clump of thread isn't it?  I received this from my sewing machine store in an email yesterday.  Nick of Sewing Machines Etc., wrote the following:

Here's a little chuckle for you, and a reminder of what not to do when you are sewing. This pile of thread accumulated around the handwheel of a machine that arrived on our service desk last week. The owner had been working with a large cone of thread on a thread stand behind her machine. When she was done, she snipped the thread and continued sewing, leaving the stand behind her machine. Somehow an end got caught in the hand wheel, and it spun a pretty bird's nest inside the machine as the thread wound around and around.  We see at least 4 machines a year in this predicament... So just be aware and you won't be the one next year!

I must admit, I quit using cones of thread on my sewing machine many years ago.  I was told to only use it on sergers, not on your regular machine  •Cone thread is designed for use on a serger and is not as heavy or strong as  regular spools of thread. Cone thread is however an excellent alternative for applying seam finishes helping eliminate bulk.  My friend uses my other sewing machine during the winter months so she doesn't have to carry her machine to my house.  In the past she has used cone thread.  Why I let her I don't know.  She won't be using it again after seeing this.


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