Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

This coming week will be a busy one.  Get that last minute shopping done, (yes, I still have some to do) and the baking?  A bit more to do yet.  We have to have homemade dinner rolls and then there is the grocery shopping to finish up.  That is for tomorrow before everyone else hits the stores.

Except for family members all the gifts have been given away. 
I actually made seven of this style of coaster.  These 6 were for all the girls that work in our family doctor's office.  The seventh was for our financial advisor.  Along with a coaster they got a mug with a lid to keep their tea warm, and some decadent chocolates from a local company called Circus Chocolates.  Our doctor was given a basket of goodies, however, his coasters were different from these. 
These are criss cross coasters.........I found them on the internet . 
                                                                Many thanks to the designer who came up with this clever idea. I made a lot of them and gave them to friends as gifts.  All in all I probably made about 6 sets of 6.  I'm making more for next year!  I even made them larger and use them for pot holders. I put insul-bright inside and I've tried them out.  I didn't burn myself so I'll make more of these too.
 I found the pattern here:

I really didn't do a lot of sewing this year for family. We decided to donate quilts to a local organization instead of giving more to the kids and grands.  I did take a trip to my favourite quilt shop and buy for friends.  A link to the site is to the right on the blog.

Starting on the far left is a gift for a friend.  Its a zippered bag which I find great to hold all my marking pens.  I seem to keep better track of them when they are all in here.  The two fabrics are co-ordinates and its CATS!!  Her favourite animal.  She has two of the most beautiful "boys".  They are brothers and my favourite colour -- ginger.
The book and strip of fabric is for another friend.  She loves making table runners and this little book is beautiful.  I may have to borrow!  I'm thinking along those lines for gifts next year.  The turquoise fabric is from Nancy Halvorsen.  I love her fabrics.  The stack on the bottom is a gift for me. More Nancy Halvorsen. I have great plans for it.   I'm going to be making up the 2009 Christmas Wallhanging from Angie's Bits and Pieces.  I have every intention to make a wallhanging every year for 5 years and then give them to my grands when they move on to their own homes.  I have one done and put away.
The rick-rack?  Well, that is going into a border for a baby quilt, one I'm still planning.


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