Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The last post

I'm going on holiday.  I'm taking a week off from posting.  Tomorrow will be the last one until the end of April.

Quilters are generous.  Who else do you know that will sit down at their sewing machine, take fabric, sew it together and then quilt.  They will even pay someone else to quilt it.

Then they pack it up and send it where it is needed.  It could be a guild getting together to make and donate to a crisis in Haiti.

It could be people that lost everything in fires in Slave Lake or Fort McMurray, Alberta

It could be those that lived through flooding in High River, Alberta.

Another tragedy has fallen on Canada.  We all know about the horrific bus crash in Saskatchewan.  A drive is on for quilts for the victims, the families, the emergency personnel.  They have asked for finished quilts, quilt blocks and whatever.

We all know the cost of making quilts.  If people send quilt tops, they still need batting and backing.  The quilt shop in Haus of Stitches will be collecting.  I'm not sending quilts this time, I'm not taking the time to make blocks.

If you are interested in helping out, here is some information.  I phoned the Haus of Stitches and gave them my credit card number and my $$ amount.  I'm sorry but I vowed the last time we sent quilts west, it was the last time and I'm sticking with that decision.  This was easier for me.


For the Haus of Stitches information here you go:


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Be kind to one another

Before the day came to post this, my friend Jan out in Saskatchewan posted this on Facebook


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