Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Meet my mascot!  This is "Fleur", christened while I sat upstairs, thinking it was a skunk, so of course, named Flower.  That infamous little one in a favourite Disney movie from many years ago.  Much to my surprise it wasn't a skunk but a racoon when I went back down and took a second look.

This little panel was left over from this quilt:
Anne and I have both talked about a saying or mascot for our sewing rooms and this little gem just fell into my lap.  When I was finished working on my first mini quilt, I picked this up off the work station and designed as I went along.   This was the first attempt.
If you read that bottom line it doesn't make much sense after reading the first line.  I thought about it and I figured I could add a "T" to here so it would read "there", 
but thought it wouldn't look right.  I sat upstairs and ........   I had a brain wave..........what if, I cut that shorter and added sashing.  There was no way I could include the "T" as there just wasn't enough fabric to do it.
A few minutes of unstitching, cutting more fabric, and sitting at the machine and this:
It's not perfect, I wasn't happy with placement.  Okay, it got redone again.......
It was completely taken apart and that orange that took it over was cut narrow.  I added sashing in between the sayings and the bottom strip is sort of off to one side like it completes a sentence.  The raccoons are no longer all lined up.  This is now so much better, IMHO.
I will bind with the black and bring it all together.

Wait for it.........I narrowed sashings down, I added sashings, I moved things.  I opted for the grey on the outside because I knew I was going to bind it with black to stop the eye from travelling.
I put both of the mini's on the frame at the same time.  You lay them side by side and very carefully watch where the two meet so the needle doesn't get caught.  Yes, it did!  But, I stopped the machine, unstitched and started it over.
I just do a simple meander.  I made it large to stitch out at 10 1/2", so I only had to do it twice.  This was going to be quick and easy after the last one!!
This isn't the greatest, but it's what photographed for me.  It's hard to take a picture of white on white.  Not truly white thread.  OMNI-V 9002
and here they are.  The snow was gone from the deck.....it's gone from eveywhere.....well, the day I wrote this it was.  Who knows by now!!
I was going to buy those mini clothes pegs, but that idea has just been abandoned.  I'm going to use Clover Wonder clips.  i will pop up to my local Micheal's store and pick up a 10 pack because right now that is all I need.  I could steal from my "binding" clips, but that could leave me short when it comes time to bind.

 This is the mini Bayberry
and here is "Fleur".  My new little mascot.  I just love her!!


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