Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You need a serger to make these

pillowcases.  This is mine and it's about all I use my serger for.  I've had it for awhile and I do like it and I should get more use out of it.  Maybe one day.
I had a lot of Jungle Jive fabric left-over.  A bit too much to donate and a bit too much to store. 
 I designed a pillowcase on EQ and then started to cut.  These rectangles are 5 x 6 1/2"
 and I serged them together.  There are 7 of them, 4 blue and 3 of the print.
 After they were sewn together, I laid all the fabrics on the cutting table and cut them all the exact same width.  Because the fabric is folded I cut at 20 1/2" to make it 41" wide.
The body was about 20", the trim finished at 1 1/2" and the cuff was 10".  (Whatever fabric you have you want to make the finished body piece 26 1/2".)
 I kept the pattern in front of me!!  Didn't take me long to learn that.  One mistake was one too many.
After I had sewn the blocks together I added a 2" strip making sure I cut off the ends of the threads from the first stitching.
I made sure all the fabrics were going in the same direction before sewing everything together to make the body of the pillowcase.  I don't like undoing serger stitching.

 This is the body of the pillowcase.  It measures 41" x 26 1/2".
 Now I referred to my print-off from All People Quilt.
BUT with a difference.  I do pin these pieces together so they don't slip.  I do use the serger for the rest of the pillowcase.  I don't do "french seams".
Okay, let's be really honest.  The only thing I do the same is the rolling up part of the cuff to the body.
Sew the band to the body after rolling it together.  See the instructions I have given the link to.
Once you pull the body out of the cuff it will look like this.  Press the cuff at the seam carefully and press both the outside and the inside.
 I then pin the longer side making sure that the seam where the cuff meets the body matches.  Run this through the serger.  The last seam is the top seam.  I don't trim the ends of the thread off yet.
I put a dab of Fray-Check on the ends of the thread -- all three places.  I cut the thread back when the "glue" is dry.
This is it.  All finished and ready to go with it's partner, the Jungle Jive quilt
I sure as heck hope this isn't as clear as mud!!

Photo for the Day
Last Wednesday we had a snowstorm go through.  Now, a lot of people are complaining about the winter.  They have had enough, it's too cold, it's too long.
Not Me!!  
Love it.  I can survive in this weather.   You put on your touque, your winter coat, your gloves and your boots and you are all set.
It's a bit more beautiful than summer too.
You just can't beat a good snowstorm!!


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