Fat Cat BOM #8

Fat Cat BOM #8


Thursday, February 22, 2018

It had to be done

When we moved into the house, the basement was dark.  Okay for sitting in front of a fire and watching television, but not for sewing.
This was it.  A very dark green with very poor lighting
I thought about doing it myself and got this far
I shook my head, called my son and said "How do you feel about painting?"  He said "What room?"  "Hmmmm, the big one."  
On Tuesday, February 13th, Peter and Kyle came down and spent most of the day in the basement.  They only came up for lunch and supper.  It was so worth it for me.

and now it's done.......I'm getting ready to quilt!!  Wanna see?????
When you walk through the door, this is the first thing you see.........
Off to the right......
From one end.......
to the other......
my sewing table......
thread storage and very special wall hangings......
My Dad gave me this and it has graced the walls of my sewing rooms ever since......
yes, that is one bed for the cats........
My ironing board......
and these two little walls.  To the left......a beautiful Bernie Brown print celebrating all our trips to Saskatchewan, and believe it or not, a placemat from a little restaurant we stopped in while we drove the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.  On the other wall, is Karl's fretwork and another Bernie Brown print of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.....the Calgary Stampede.
When Karl and I had finally finished putting all the quilts up and the photos and moving the furniture, I loaded a quilt on the long arm.  It was pure pleasure to work in my new space.  I just have to get my wee "Fleur" done and then it will really be finished.

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Humboldt Broncos
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