Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I just know you are all wondering

if I really did put those fabrics in Elaine's basket or if I culled my stash.
Well I did.  I actually did better than I planned last month.  I not only dug through and found fabric for Elaine
I found fabric and bindings and even a quilt for the charity group at the store.

I also found a ton of fabric for cutting up to make my stash buster quilt!  If you want to do the same I found this awesome tutorial by Jenny Doan of MSQC.  It first appeared on Facebook, but as not all the world is on there I also found it on
If you would like a digital copy it is here:

I decided that I would use up a lot of my children's fabrics in this quilt and I also decided to cut it down in size.  I don't very often donate a quilt larger than a lap size.  I'm going to do one 48 x 62 and this is similar to what it will look like.  I'm doing 8" blocks instead of 16".  Still the same size
squares, just on a smaller scale.  The alternate block is one square of three coloured squares and one background square of 2 1/2" each and the other is 4 1/2" of background fabric.  Watch the placement!!
There is a lot of cutting in this quilt, so every night I dig down into my basket and with my little table and my little mat and my little rotary cutter I just cut away.  I put the squares in a box and the rest in the garbage.
I did discover a load of fabric that I could cut into 2 1/2" strips for scrappy bindings, so I did that and put them aside as I cut.
I have three print-offs for you if you would like them for your file.  One is colour and the other black and white and one features the alternate blocks only.  The B & W shows the rows. The third shows the alternate blocks so you can see the division easier.

Each row has 3 -- 8" x8" blocks with 16 squares and 3 -- 8" x 8" blocks with the cream/white fabric and 6, 2 1/2" squares.  You need 24 -- 16 squares blocks and 24 of the alternate blocks. Please note:  the print off says the quilt finishes at 50 x 64 but if you notice I included the binding
Here's the link:

According to EQ you will need 1 1/8 yard of the co-ordinate and that works out to about 1.1 meters.  I'm going to look for at least that and more in my stash.  I think because there could be an error in cutting, I'll go for 1.2 meters.  Better to be safe than sorry.

TIP:  Before you buy your co-ordinate make a few blocks up and take them with you.  Use a variety of fabrics from your stash for the blocks.  You may think a white will work and it might not, maybe it should be a cream or a yellow or a grey.  You never know!!


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