Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Freebie

the first of many.......I hope!

Every Friday, Benartex -- a major fabric company -- GIVE away patterns. Yes, they give them to you and to me and to whoever else wants them.

This is called "All Cooped Up" but that's because of the line of fabric.  I really like this and have downloaded it into my computer.  I'm trying desperately not to print everything off anymore.  I'm keeping HP thriving!!

Grandson #2 likes photography and is very good at it.  He only uses his phone and has more patience than anyone I know.  He doesn't get it from his Grandma on this side of the family I can tell you.

He set his phone up on the deck and recorded a cardinal at the feeder.  He then decided which ones he liked best.  I asked if I could share.......


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