Thursday, February 8, 2018

Darn it

I was looking on my desk for something and shoot....
I found a UFO!  I know I started this last September and had every intention of getting it done for the month of October.  That fell by the boards.
The pattern is still here at the house, because I made the whole quite awhile ago.  It is a Bunny Hill design and back then it was a BOM.  The creatures are cute.  Yes, I do like squirrels and I have made mine black, in the past, because we not only have grey in Ontario, but black ones too and let's not forget the bossy red ones!!
So I took all four blocks one afternoon and within a couple of hours all the blanket stitch was done.  An evening in front of the tv and the wee bit of embroidery was done.
I figured out the sashings and borders on EQ.  I am now putting the measurements right on the pattern and printing off just one piece of paper instead of multitudes.  I've also learned to keep in right in front of me on the cutting table
 Sorry, I think my wee camera is coming to the end of it's life.  These photos are rather dark.  The fabric had already been chosen so a quick press and it was ready to cut.  Sashings first -- according to the print out.
Then the borders.
Then the final measuring to get the digitizing done.........47.75" x 16.5".  This is a pantograph from Anne Bright Designs that I hadn't used yet.  It does say fall and it will be nice on the coffee table for the month of October.
I thought I better get to it, because "the room" is being painted!  I have never liked the colour of this room as it is way too dark.  You know I like light, cheerful, bright.  I selected Crystalline from Benjamin Moore which is a light shade of green.  Then I changed my mind.  I still have all the colour chips from the old house and it was a colour pallet that I loved.  Greens and yellows.  So, the room will be Cream Yellow, from Benjamin Moore. It's not washed out, it's not school bus yellow.  Just a lovely shade -- like a faded sun up in the sky.  I haven't told the farmer yet, but I'm going to take my chalkboard out to the garage and paint the frame red and redo the board.  There are special attachments to this board and it's going to get a facelift.

Stay tuned for some before and after!

Photo for the Day:
I saw a wispy cloud out through the doors, so I grabbed my phone and stepped onto the deck.  After I shot that photo I turned around and WOW!  Talk about a day going out in blaze of glory!  This was one of those days.


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