Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I thought, was just a name Kate and Birdie gave to a line of fabric.  I didn't know it was actually a plant.  I looked it up and the fabric is perfect.  I bought the coral line instead of the blue.  I think it is called pink but if it is I have never seen a pink like this before.  It is beautiful

I had no idea what I was making when I bought the fabric, but last month I got it out and started to design a quilt.  I didn't have enough so I decided a tablecloth for the dining room table would be perfect.  After 17 designs, this is the one I decided on.
I found the perfect pantograph online and ordered it.  It's from Urban Elementz, called Berry Vine which is almost identical to the vine in the border of the "brownish" block.  The thread is OMNI-V 9002.  Between painting and cleaning and a few other things, there are not a lot of pictures.
All the blocks sewn together......
 The amount of fabric left, dictated the final border......
 The fabric on the right has been in the house far too long, so I added a Kate and Birdie fabric from the front to make it wider.
This is the pantograph which took forever to stitch out......
Each and every berry stitched itself out and then stitched over itself.  I think I only goofed on it once and that's because I tried to move the fabric.
and done.  The brownish fabric is from Makower and it is called Linen Texture, the colour is Hessian.  I really, really like it.


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