Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The first chapter of

2018 is behind us and it's now time for chapter two starting tomorrow.
I did it!  I did it!
I followed my list and I accomplished everything on it.  Am I proud of myself or am I proud of myself.
I know the proof is in the pictures so here you go.......Jungle Jive and it was almost like an Eleanor Burn's Quilt in a Day.  It will be the quickest quilt you can make and I'll take you through it.
First of all you need a good focal fabric.  It can be children's, adults, teens.  as my uncle always said "don't matter"!
I did this out on EQ to get the yardage and sometimes it is a bit off. (They were definitely off on the binding)   I had yardage so I actually don't know what I used.  
Fabric requirements:
focal.....1.6 meters.  OR   1 3/4 yards (Cut the centre first and save the extra for adding to the borders when needed.)
light blue..... .7 meters OR  3/4 yard
dark blue..... .8 meters OR  7/8 yard
binding..... .4 meters  OR  3/4 yard

1.  Cut your centre 18 1/2" x 30 1/2"
2.  All 5 borders are cut 2 1/2" wide by the measurement you will take each and every time you add       them.  I chose the fabrics from the colouring in the elephant.  
3.  The final border is cut 3 1/2" wide because I didn't want to have to add a lot to the backing.  Call me frugal.
Please note:  I did all the side borders first and then the top and bottom.  I also saved the remnants from the centre for adding to the strips on the third border and the final border.
4.  This time I decided to pin the pattern to my little bulletin board so I didn't loose track of what I was doing.  It worked and it also gave me somewhere to write my measurements.  I kept it right in front of me on my cutting table.

The finished size of my quilt is 44 x 56".  It is a good sized child's quilt, and I will be adding to the backing as my flannel is only 42" without the selvedges.
I will be putting this on the long arm and for that I need at least 8" extra for the length of the backing.  I have 2 meters in stock so I will load all of that after I put an insert in to widen it out so I have room to clamp.  I generally go 8" insert finished and I hope I have a fabric in stock.  
A PDF is available for download here:

I was given this tip by Anita at Cottonmill Threadworks.  I use Superior So fine thread 50 weight in my Sapphire. I never change the thread I use for sewing my quilt tops.  I use the same number, never alter that either.  Number 402.  I buy the cones of it and I can join dark to light, dark to dark and light to light.  You never see the stitching.  I highly recommend it and 
do not believe anyone that says your machine was calibrated for a certain thread.  
Not so!!  Your machine may have come with a spool of one brand or another but that's because they have a deal with that thread company.  

I will finish this up tomorrow.


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