Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Polar Pals

that's the name of the fabric.  I told Konstanze that I wanted something for a little girl that loved "stuffies".  Boy that is hard to find.  This is just out on the market and it filled the bill.
Here it is:
I only chose four from the line.  I was going to do a disappearing nine patch but the critters wouldn't show up enough and that's what this quilt was supposed to be all about.  I changed the design, and I changed it again and again and then!!  However, the centre made the quilt directional and I didn't want it to be.  I also had a load of fabric I wanted to use up
I redid the centre on EQ and the borders too.  
But I wasn't paying enough attention to the pattern and ended up with the borders slightly different than the pattern I designed.  It doesn't matter, it won't make a difference and if there are rules to break, I'm the gal to do it!!
So this is it.  The top seemed to take days although the measuring and cutting were perfect.
 The backing needed an insert so I searched the stash and found a piece that worked.  I'm having a frugal month so I wasn't allowed to buy anything.  I do have gift cards and I have used a bit of one but January is the month we pay the Christmas bills, so no excess spending.
 I decided on this quilt to sew the label right into the seam and then stitch it down.  So much less fabric to have to play with.
I thought about the pantograph the entire time I was working on this quilt.  I looked online but no whales, no walruses, and not much in the line of anything that caught my eye.  I went through my book and lo and behold one that caught my eye.  Starry Dreams.  It fit in with the stars in the one fabric and who doesn't love to dream -- daytime or night time.
 I took this photo to show we actually went above 0° one day.  We had been in the deep freezer for quite awhile when Mother Nature decided to give us a break.

and there is a pillowcase to match.
When I opened the curtains on the patio doors yesterday morning
I was greeted with this beautiful sight.
The snow had started to fall in the afternoon and continued on during the night.
It was light and fluffy and clung to all the trees
and the sunrise was lovely, not spectacular but a wonderful sight.


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