Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Two links for one little thing

The links come first:

The pattern is here:
and I will warn you it is 16 pages long.  You can eliminate the final page.

The silhouette I used is here:

and now the project:
I was asked if I could make two Christmas stockings.  I said okay not realizing I had tossed the pattern when we moved.  I guess I didn't consider the grands and their girlfriends.  I wanted to purge and purge I did.
I selected this piece of fabric............I didn't ask.........I liked it, I'm working with it....it has to say Christmas, so my choice!  You wouldn't have wanted to see his.  Believe me, you wouldn't have.
I did consult on the pantograph.  I thought I should at least go that far.

I loaded it sideways on the machine and stitched away to my delight with a red thread and I know not which one!  It was a King Tut, that much I know.

Then it came time to cut it out.  I was hitting a brick wall so I opted to go on Safari and just ask for a quilted Christmas stocking free pattern.  I found a few, but I liked the one I gave you the link for.
These are now ready for pick up.  No, I don't deliver.  I do enough.......

A small story about the polar bear on the cuff.  I could have chosen the tree or the deer but Cody's friend comes from Manitoba.  In the province of Manitoba is a city called Churchill.  It is over a 1,000km north of Winnipeg.  It is also the polar bear capital of the world.


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