Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 5th

and some people are still scrambling for ideas for Christmas.

I found this on FB on one of the threads I follow.  If you give books or gift cards to book stores, this is a cute little addition.

Look at this.  It doesn't get any cuter, IMHO

unless of course, you have a granddaughter who loves foxes, then you have to go to this page
and you have to make this one
to add to her fox pillow and her plaid gift card in a plaid gift card holder.  
I made mine from card stock so it's a bit harder to get sharp lines, but it works!

Here is another link to something that can be done on a Saturday afternoon.  Buy a mug at the dollar store, and after you have the "crafty" part done, add some cookies, a tea bag, a gift card to their favourite coffee shop

Don't leave the men out.
Pecans are my favourite nut.  I use them all the time in lieu of walnuts.
This is sure to be a hit with not only men, but women too.



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