Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I found a freebie

on the internet.  No idea how I came across it.  It is called the Easy Fat Quarter Quilt and your copy of the pattern can be found here.  It was fast, but next time I won't go out and buy 6 fat quarters.  I'm just going to cut up fabrics to the sizes needed and sew it together.
I have no idea what the line of fabric was called because I tossed everything out in the garbage that would have told me.  I just picked up six of the fat quarters and went for it.  I would pay more attention the next time I make this pattern up.
 I wanted a particular colour of thread, but couldn't find it.  Cheryl suggested this one and it worked beautifully.  King Tut 920
I couldn't find a pantograph with lots of nice woodland creatures so I opted for Sweet Snooze.

 The backing is flannelette and I only bought what I needed.  It is now $17.99 a meter and that's just about my limit.
 I went out to the deck and snapped a few photos of the finished quilt.
 The store didn't bring in any yardage so we opted for a solid fabric for the binding

 and I didn't forget my new label.  This is so much easier than printing off labels on the computer and you can stitch through these beautifully.
Another quilt for the donation pile.


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