Thursday, October 19, 2017


it takes a village.
My friend Patricia, called to ask me over to look through her fabric collection because she is purging in preparation for a move.  I found a whole bunch of baby quilts and brought them home.  This is one of two of them.
I thought I had a backing that would work, but I really didn't like it
I went back to the store and picked up a piece of fabric I had in my hands the day before and then came home straightened it up and threw the quilt on the frame.  Thanks to Cheryl and Nick at Sewetc 
I used the pantograph Alphabet Soup and the first row stitched out very badly.  I had threaded it wrong and due to the fact that my friend Leisa had suggested this a while ago, I got it going again and finished up the quilt.  (I won't tell you what I did, just that I did it!)

I'm going to pass along this tip for bindings that I learned years ago from my boss, Susan.  I always do this but I now do it after I have the whole binding sewn down so I don't have to keep switching the stitches while I work.  Just avoid the corners!!  Zig-zag the edges.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is to turn that binding if you do.  All the layers are held together for you.  What a difference on your fingers.
Indeed, sometimes it takes a village to just make one tiny little baby quilt. 

and let's not forget those that have taught me and bailed me out a time or two with my machine.  Anne has been my "go-to" since day one when I purchased the machine.  She gave me my first lessons and then came over to this house and we did it again.  


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