Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I thought this was

going to be mine, but I've changed my mind.

I found the cutest pattern on Wee Folk Art for an embroidered hedgehog.  I seriously think these are the sweetest little critters and I wanted a mascot for the sewing room.

I got it all stitched out sitting in the evenings in front of the tv and even gave her a name.  Henrietta!  Not original, but she was going to be mine and I got the choice.

Then I changed my mind.  This is now a gift.  A Christmas gift for Cody's girlfriend.  She has a little hedgehog by the name of Reggie and I've decided in all my infinite wisdom that this will be one of the gifts I give her.

There are no step by step photos because it is simple embroidery.  I did use Osnaburg fabric for this piece.  I like the way it looks for something that is going
 in a frame.  I took this photo frame everywhere trying to get a picture without a reflection.  Holy cow and thank goodness for dining-room tables.

I also got her Christmas decoration done so now there are 12 of them in the gift box.  No idea where I found this pattern but it might be mentioned here.  Of course, now I start the process of thinking about next year's decoration.  I wonder what is new out there this year........maybe this will be the one!

I am starting to see light at the end of the Christmas gift making tunnel.  I'll be sharing more this week and then hopefully I am done.  I'll check the box first to see what is there.  I'll make a list and then I better check it twice.


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