Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Well, this is better

I tried again with the same line of fabric but created it differently.  I did put it on EQ for sizing and it looked good so I went for it (I've done that before and lost!)
I tried a few layouts

but a totally different one won out in the end.  I did fussy cut from the rest of the fat quarter that I had and I did cut four blue squares from the rest of that fabric.  I cut 8 squares from another fabric and then cut the sashings around the squares from two different greys that were in the stash.

I also set the squares so I didn't have to "nest" as many seams.

So here it is.  I used the same panto....Nutz and Bolts from Urban Elementz -- it's a freebie!  I did make it smaller so I would have more going across the quilt.
All done!  I used a different backing than the last quilt.  This one I have used before and it was chosen because it does have all the colours of the quilt in it.

I also picked it for the binding.  Colourful and fun for a child.
I'm not quite finished with this design yet. One more to go and then I'm moving on.
 I chose an orange thread from King Tut.  It's not variegated, just plain old orange.   It shows up well on the front, but really blends into the backing.

Our yard is taking shape.  We have just about everything planted in the flower beds.
Look at this hosta!  And Karl said I couldn't move it at the time of year I was doing it.   

 We only put garden down the one side of the fence.  The soil isn't the best and it took yards and yards of soil to bring it up to a standard that the perennials would love.
This yard is turning into our sanctuary.  

Today's column is dedicated to our very dear friend 
Reg Wagner
who passed away a year ago today.
We will always remember
the good times
the laughter
the food
just the four of us together

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Humboldt Broncos
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