Wednesday, June 14, 2017

and then it was done!

I thought I wanted brown for the backing, but the brown in the top has a "red" tinge to it and it is old so it wasn't easy finding something.  I think Bernice and I looked at every brown there was at The Village.  Then we spied this blue with the exact brown in it.  I only buy length and add for the width.  On a long arm, length is really, really important.
It was approval, by the way!

 I laid the top down just to be sure I had enough and then I mounted the quilt on the frame.
I chose the pantograph "Woven" which is a Jodi Beamish design available at Willow Leaf Studio
 I opted to load this lengthwise instead of width wise.
  so the design ran long and narrow
and then it was done!  This is the back hanging over the new railing on our new deck.
 Up close and personal with the backing.  See those wee "fleur-de-lys".  It harkens back to my childhood, that does.
 and then the front.  Of course the wind did blow.  When does the wind not blow.

 I had a bit of angst after I did this quilt.  I wasn't sure if I liked this panto on the quilt, but I'm happy with it now.  I should stop second guessing myself.  I should stop being a perfectionist!  I should just go with the flow, but boy it's hard when you inherit your Dad's qualities!

The pattern is quick and it is easy and in the right colours you can do it for either a woman or a man and it is modern.  
and I nearly forgot!
I used an OMNI-V thread for this one.  It was the perfect blend of brown and blue for this quilt.

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Humboldt Broncos
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