Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I chose OMNI New England Blue thread (#3107) from Cottonmill Threadworks......plain thread, no variegation.  I think it's perfect.
I chose Splash, a pantograph by Anne Bright.
I credited my friend Robin for giving me the name of the panto because she had used Splash on one of my quilts before I started to long arm quilt.  Turns out her "splash" and my "splash" are two different "splashes"
I snapped a photo of the pantograph all ready to go on the laptop

and here it is.  I used the rest of the fat quarters to make the binding and in some spots it matches the quilt, in other spots it doesn't.

I have a tip for you today.
If you want someone to do your quilting for you, follow their directions c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y!
If they ask for 4" per side for the backing......
4" on the left
  4" on the right
4" on the top
      4" on the bottom
They are asking because they need it to roll and clamp your quilt.  Do not give them less than that!
Have you quilt backing ready, the right size, sewn together if it needs it and pressed.
Trim off all the selvedges!!  All of them, please.
If not, you may find yourself facing extra costs.  OR you may get a phone call from your long arm quilter to correct your mistake.
Make sure your long arm quilter can accommodate your quilt.
I cannot do a king size quilt on my machine because my table is not long enough.  To be frank I don't want to do a king size quilt at all.
I have a friend that wants me to do her quilt and she laughed when she said it was getting to be king size.  She was shocked to learn I couldn't do a quilt that big.
Ask.....always ask your long arm quilter for directions.  Some of us don't do custom work, some quilters love to do it.
We offer variety, but we do have a line we just can't cross.
and one last thing
stay away from youtube videos, please.
I have watched some of them in regards to putting your quilt on a long arm.
They are wrong, completely wrong and that is all I'm saying.
Speak to the person that is doing YOUR quilt and see what SHE/HE wants you to do.
If they have a brochure, read it.
If you are going to a long arm studio, ask questions before you go.
It saves you time, it saves you money.


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