Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Before I made my resolution.......

to not buy anymore fabric than I needed for a project, I bought these
It was that top fabric, that told me these 1/2 metre cuts had to have a home.
I need something for the top of the new credenza
I really don't like the wood to be marred by a cup of coffee, water, whatever.  It's not that the unit was expensive, but I'll be a bit miffed if it is mistreated.  
I dug out an old Atkinson Designs pattern called "Square Meal" and set to work.
(Sorry, I checked and this pattern is no longer available, it seems)
Within a couple of hours of cutting and sewing, I have the large pieces sewn together.  
 I was ready for step "L".
and then it all came crashing down.
It was wrong, all wrong.  Those black sashings shouldn't have been on two of the blocks so nothing would fit together.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what I did wrong and then I decided --because the light bulb came on--that maybe I should go back and read the directions.
I missed one little line that said.......set two blocks aside and then add the sashing to one block.
After I unstitched, I was at this point!
and it was right, all right
So I decided to take an hour out of my busy life (LOL), and sew it together.
Here we go was wrong......again!
 Once again, the seam ripper and I became well acquainted.
and finally it was done!
I decided the next time I'm doing this runner I'm going to take this page and colour it in with my choices.  I did it one other time and I don't recall every having this amount of trouble.
 The backing is done so it's time to quilt it.  Tomorrow I'll tell you that tale of woe!

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Humboldt Broncos
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