Monday, January 16, 2017

A gorgeous layer cake

was moved from the old house to the new.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it,  until I saw this pattern over on Pinterest.
I went out and bought a red fabric and made one block.

And then I stopped.
For various reasons it was set aside and I opted to just move on to something else.  I thought about getting back to it and decided this was a lot of work for a donation quilt.  It's not that the person receiving it, doesn't deserve to have a quilt that takes extra time, it's just that I'm not into giving that much of myself.  Selfish?  Maybe.
Then while on Facebook one day I was this pattern.
and I was sold!
Within an hour I was on line and had it downloaded and printed off.
The link to the pattern is here
I couldn't quite follow the instructions as I had already cut my 5" squares for the first quilt and I wasn't going to waste them. I did cut the rest of the top just the way Amy instructed.  
Now you know I'm not going to give away the cutting, don't you.  You will have to pay $9.00 (no shipping, no handling) to find out for yourself.
I went downstairs one Friday evening and started to sew.  I had divided my work into two piles
and within 54 minutes one pile was sewn together.
This is the layer cake I bought a little while ago.  Okay last year, before we moved, before we thought of moving!
Another hour of work and the rest of the rectangles were together and then I laid it out on the floor.  It really is lovely to have a big floor
another hour or two and the rows were together waiting for another day of stitching.  I can't make the quilt 12 x 7 because I had already used one block thinking I was going to make a different quilt.
My quilt at this point was narrow and long.  Long, doesn't matter, narrow does.
Borders will make a difference.  Side borders will be wider than the length borders and not a soul will notice!
I did a narrow red border first, cut the same as the strips in the blocks.
 Then I went down to Village Square Quilt Shop and bought the border fabric.  I bought 1 metre so there is some left over.  EQ said 1 yard and even that would have been too much.  From now on I will figure it out myself.  I do a bit better job of it or just buy what it says and I can do a backing with it.

P.S. the backing is made, but no photos until this one is quilted.  
I know, shucks and darn, but it will be worth the wait.......and the story!
This is the "Bud".  Budster, Buddy, whatever.
He is your typical cat.  
He does what he wants and only bothers with you when he wants something -- like food!
He will not cuddle, it is not his thing, so please respect that.
He is our door greeter.  It doesn't matter who comes, they are instantly met at the door and he will rub  against your legs.  Except for Kristina.  That is his very best friend.  She is allowed to pick him up and rub his belly.
She ranks higher than I do and I provide the fresh food, the fresh water, the fresh litter box.
He is a cat, through and through.

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Humboldt Broncos
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