Monday, November 14, 2016

It has been a journey!

You never know what life will hand you, but what it handed my family in the last two weeks was totally unexpected.
We had a gap between the closing of our old house and our new house, so we thought what the heck, we'll start to move some things over.  We loaded up both vehicles and brought things to this house.  We did this steadily until October 31st!
That was the day everything changed.  Karl had been having problems with his breathing and started to experience dizzy spells but he put it down to old age and heaven only knows what else.  He had a really bad attack at the new house and "the boss" told him to sit in a chair and not to move!!  She was calling an ambulance.
The short version of a long story is that Karl was admitted to the local hospital and diagnosed with heart problems.  The cardiologist did so many tests on him it was mind boggling.  One test had to be done at Hamilton General Hospital and it was done by the "top lady" in cardio.  She told Karl he had blocked arteries and needed surgery.  Because he was in such great condition otherwise he was a good candidate for the surgery.
Move ahead to November 8th and he is in OR getting not one, not two, but 4 arteries done and a valve replacement!  The surgeon -- we call her Dr. Irene -- told me that one artery caused her grief as it was full of calcium.
In the meantime the move had to go on.  Our kids Peter and Kristina, their spouses and their kids all pitched in and finished the clean up.  The moving company, Taylor Moving and Storage, sent four of their best to do the job!  We were out of one house by noon and in here and mostly set up by 4 in the afternoon.  I have never seen 4 guys work so hard and so fast in my life.  Yes, they did stop for pizza and drinks.......I wish it could have been beer, but another time!
We have gone like gang busters trying to settle this house for Karl coming home.  It ain't been easy!  It wasn't the cleanest home on closer inspection but that's the way it goes.
We've replaced most of the light fixtures because what was here was not my taste.  I don't go in for spectacular.  I have my taste and it borders on traditional or "ungaudy" if you will.
So here are some pictures.  No quilting has been done as the machines are still packed up and away.  I'm hoping by next week I at least have a bit of a sewing room organized.  It has not been a priority.
So this is the new lighting.  I choose a line from Allen and Roth that I found online at Lowes.  I love continuity in my house.  By the way, if you are ever looking for a great store with fabulous customer service go to Lowes at Appleby Line and Dundas in Burlington.  What a crew they have working in that store.
Now the rest of the house.......

This should have been a closet, but the previous owners opted to leave this open and they had a tv placed in this nook.  Kristina and I liked this cabinet from Ikea and we went and bought it and between my "lego" grandson Kyle and I, we put it together.  What a load of stuff it is going to hold
This is the main hallway.  There is another quilt to go up on the wall but other things are priority.
This is the living-room.  Karl's quilt is on the wall and we have the hanger larger to swap it out at Christmas with one of our Christmas quilts.  The photos above the fireplace are all our "winter" scenes and the mantel holds treasures we have accumulated over the years.
 The dining-room!  We were able to put in both leaves in the table and still have loads of room to spare.  I hung the one quilt on the wall that speaks volumes about my family and then added Anne and my dragonflies.  What isn't shown are the two needlepoint pictures that came from Denmark.
 I should snap another photo and get them in.  The tablecloth was given to me from my friend Jenny.  It had belonged to her Mom and I've waited years to be able to use it.  That's my trifle bowl on the table full of pine cones from the old house.
 This is the master ready for the farmer when he comes home.  The two cross stitch on the wall were done by our daughter and given to us one Christmas many years ago.  The quilt rack Karl made and those two little wall hangings will go up when I get some plugs for the wall.  I'm thinking maybe I should put in longer screws too.

So that's it in a nutshell.
It is certainly not the way we intended our life in our new home to start off, but that's what we were handed and we deal with it.
When I get out with the camera I'll snap some photos of the outside and show you the tiny little piece of property we purchased.  

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