Thursday, November 24, 2016

If you keep working

it does get done!

Another quilt unpacked and up on the wall.  I'm finding quilts I haven't displayed for quite awhile and it just seems like it is time for them to be out and enjoyed.
This is Aunt Bea's Parlour and it took over a year for me to complete it.  I was thrilled with the quilting that Kathy Mundy did on this one.  Heck, I was just plain thrilled I finished it!
This is an old one, but a dear one.  I made this when I worked at the Quilt Patch in Bronte.  It was made for Karl as are all the ones with birds on them.  I wanted it here to stop the door knob from hitting the wall and to cover up a large -- make that a very large -- nail hole.
I hung up my "key" to hold my aprons.  The key was made by Kristina in shop class when she was in either grade 7 or 8.  It was in the kitchen in the old house and held my aprons there too.
Kristina made this too.  It's a mouse cutting board.  He is lacking a tail and I'm going to find some leather and give him one.  It has never been used and never will be.  Another project she did in shop class way back when.  
Then it was major decision time for Karl.  I've made enough decisions over the past few weeks and thought it was about time he made some.  We needed something on either side of his clock on the wall where we eat our "3 squares a day".  Which ones did he choose?
These were his choices.

and finally.  Photos were hung.  These three were sitting on the sideboard waiting for the right spot.  I tried several and then walked passed the "grands" in the hallway.  Why not, thought I, so out came the nails and the hammer and the measuring tape and they were put up.  The kids photos are school pictures from many years ago.  The outfit Kristina has on was given to her by her grandparents and the sweater Peter was wearing, I knit for him.  
 These are just two from different places we have travelled that I have unpacked.  The first is from some vacation photos from one of our trips to Prince Edward Island and the other was once a phone book cover put out by Bell Canada.  It is Algonquin Park, one of our all time favourite camping places.
We aren't done yet, but we are sure getting there.  Next I'm doing my sewing room.  Whoever said you can't miss your sewing machines was wrong, really, really wrong!

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Humboldt Broncos
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