Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A little bit more.......

A little bit more about the new house and a few pictures to share.

We started on the sewing room today.  I have one week to get ready for the long arm to come back home.  I have a spot selected, but need to get everything else in place and make lots of elbow room for Nick and Carol.  It seems like I always have empty cartons around.  Thank goodness for recycling!
I was getting a bit miffed that the bedroom downstairs was in chaos, so on Sunday morning, I took matters into my own hands and assembled the trundle bed.  No one uses this bed as it is as hard as a rock!  It will be filled with stuffed animals and pillows -- when I find them!  I do intend to use this room for sewing storage so Karl will never see what I own.
We finally have my all time favourite wall hanging up and this time in a spot everyone that comes through our front door will see.  This is the main hallway in the house.  This quilt deserves to be front and centre.  It was made in honour of Karl's Mom and Dad who owned a farm back in Denmark.  Every animal on this quilt was owned by them.........the sheep, the cows, the pigs, Klaus the horse and Mom always had chickens.  They even had a grey cat.
I am really proud of that second place viewer's choice ribbon.  
These two stained glass hung in our bedroom in Oakville.  I love pansies and that little doily was made by my long time friend Joanne.  The tulips are another favourite and that little wall hanging won an award too.  I didn't know the show I entered it in, was even doing judging so it was a lovely surprise to be called and told that once again I had a second place.  
I love this piece.  No idea why, I just do.  It is called Henrietta Whiskers and was a free BOM from Bunny Hill in 2011.  The fabrics are from Connecting Threads and I have no idea what the line was called.  I free motion quilted this one on my regular sewing machine.  
This is our new wee dinette set.  Two chairs and a little table for our everyday meals.  I need cushions for the chairs -- red I think -- and then our three meals a day will be perfect.  I have no plans on using the dining-room unless we have company.  Our daughter asked me where I got the towel for the top of the table.  She was told it was a tablecloth and my mother in law sent it to me many years ago.  I haven't used it much because it didn't actually fit any table in the old house.  Now I can!
That's it for this week.  I'm still working away on boxes.  I hope someday that ends!

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Humboldt Broncos
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