Thursday, July 21, 2016

The last one

from the stash of the rusty coloured fabrics.  My creams are nearly gone.....nearly.....and I dipped into the greens.
I made one block and took it outside to see the colours in natural light.
I liked what I saw so I kept going.  If I hadn't liked what I saw I don't know what I would have done.
 This is an Atkinson Design quilt pattern, called Lucky Stars.   It is fairly quick to make up and you can strip piece it if you want.  The only thing I did differently were the borders around the blocks.  I didn't have enough fabric to do what was suggested.
 I put it on the frame and as luck would have something went wrong with the machine.  I had to wait until the Saturday to get my programme re-installed and then I was good to go.  The machine was very quiet for two whole days.
I opted to use Ginger Stars for the panto.  It is quick and easy and I thought pretty darn perfect for this quilt.  As you can see I used two different OMNI-V threads.  The top thread I never took off the machine for the last three quilts.
 These patterns stitch out beautifully and they are from Digi-tech Designs.  I now have the set!
I trimmed it up and then stitched down the binding the same evening I quilted.  I have a quilt on the board I really want to get to!
the front
the back

a close up of the star on the front

 and maybe you can see this one on the back
 the sedum are healthy!
 the brown on the back works!
 I love to see Karl's garden in the background.  He is working so hard to keep it alive this summer
 after I snapped that photo, I turned around to see all these blooms on the cucumber plants!  Yikes!


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Humboldt Broncos
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