Thursday, March 3, 2016

My other addiction

is thread.  When you walk into a store or go into a thread booth at a quilt show, look at all the gorgeous threads that are offered to you...........the quilter.  Fabric might be delicious, but thread is scrumptious!
It adds to every piece of work you do.  It finishes it to perfection.
The last Saturday in January, the farmer had to go over to Dundas to pick up his seed order and as Anita lives just before the seed company, I popped in with my order and and of course bought more than I planned.
Look at beautiful new So Fine threads for my bobbin.  As you know I love turquoise so this will take me through a few quilts .  I also use So Fine when I'm piecing so I bought another white one just in case I run out.

 These are King Tut.  I use them in my Mega Quilter and once again a large turquoise and then all the others are there for this and that............mostly this as I have a few quilts to put through on the long arm and plans for others.
 This is new!  It is called OMNI-V and I'm going to give you the link so you can read about it.  It is here and it only tells you about the solid colours.  The new variegated are just starting to arrive.  Believe me, from what I saw, you will want them all.
I did a little sew-out so I could see the colours.  The fabrics surrounding the stitch-out is where this thread is going to end up.  
Now of course, I can't wait to get this quilt made!
 You can tell I'm not very good with the "letters programme" on my Sapphire.  I need a week of practice instead of a half-hour every now and then.
Just a little add-on.  I had dropped off these threads to Anne and she very kindly snapped a couple of photos.  The first is the other OMNI-V that I picked up.
and these are two threads Anne will be using on three of my quilts that I left with her.
I am so anxious for the rest of the OMNI-V line to be released.
Next time you see Anita ask about them.  I know you won't be disappointed.

There is a huge birthday in our family today.
Grandson #3 is turning 21!
Happy Birthday Cody!

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