Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I don't know where to begin

Last year for my birthday, my friend Jan gave me a beautiful layer cake of blue/brown/green/purple batiks.  They are the most gorgeous fabrics.
It took me awhile to find a pattern that I liked, but I did!
It was on the Hoffman website and it was free.  It said it was for a beginner, so you know I kind of figured it was easy.
I finally got around to doing it in February and I have never, ever been as frustrated with a pattern as I was with this one.  I purchased the amount of fabric they told me to buy and it is way too much! Cutting instructions were wrong, and the list goes on.
I even read the instructions before I started, highlighting the cutting.  Believe me, I never do that!

You get a colour photo the quilt when you download the pattern and two sheets with instructions.  There are no visuals with this pattern at all.  I honestly believe if a beginner tries this they will be tossing it or heading to their nearest quilt shop to get help.  That shouldn't happen.
I bought a gorgeous batik for the background.  I found it on a shelf at The Village Square Quilt Shop in Burlington.  I can't tell you one thing about it, because batiks never have any information on the selvedge.  I love the grey with the white swirls, it is so wintery and so appropriate for this quilt.
I took a very few photos, because I was so intent on getting this quilt put together.  It is the very simple Snowball block and well, shock of all shocks, it was correct!
I finally have the top finished, but I have to recut the corner triangles as they aren't big enough.  I have plenty of left over fabric to do it.
It is a beautiful quilt.  However, I will never download another free pattern designed by this lady.  I don't like being frustrated with bad instructions.  
It was as if, she made the quilt and then flew by the seat of her pants to write the instructions up.  
Good luck to any beginner who tackles this one.
There are more fabrics to this layer cake
so I went searching again.
Look at this.  I really liked it but I read the instructions on the screen first.  Then I downloaded it.  We'll see how it goes.  Right now I have other projects to get done.
Lots of them!

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