Thursday, February 11, 2016

The quilt from

This little toddler quilt has caused me more angst than a queen size quilt.  I thought I would be so smart and do some set in borders around a 4" block.  Sounds easy, right?  Wrong!
I stupidly chose a tone on tone white that unless you sat in the sunshine, you couldn't tell right side from wrong side.
By day four I had this much accomplished........
which isn't bad, considering how much "unstitching" I did.  
I started with fabrics from a layer cake that were left-over from another quilt -- that has yet to be quilted.  I'm working on it!  The centre is cut 4" as I said, the inner borders are cut 2" and the outer are cut 2 1/2"...........those are from the layer cake.  The centers are the light fabrics.  I took a day off and then went back to it on a Saturday.  Now we have a completed top
I designed the backing while watching television one night.  Both the fabrics were in my stash and I asked the artist in the family to draw up the one flower, so I could put it once or twice or perhaps three times on the back.
I posted on FB one Saturday morning, that I wasn't going to post anything until the quilt top was done.  Well, heck if you make the top, you may as well make the back and then I cut the binding.
6 hours later it was done!
I have asked my oldest granddaughter if she will draw up one of the flowers from the fabric.  I would like to make some to add to the back of the quilt.  My plan is to place them in the large brown area.  I have some "old" fabric that just about matches the coral fabric on the front.
I will just use fusible web and a blanket stitch to hold them in place.  The machine quilting can do the rest.
The binding was also in the layer cake.  I thought a strip around the edge would look pretty darn good.  It is cut, labelled and in the box with the rest of the quilt.
I measured the backing this time, so when it comes to cutting the batting I don't have to get the tape out and measure again.
The top is about 40 x 40" so it's a good size for a toddler.

Well I waited for my granddaughter and she finally said......."why that flower"...... so I did my own.
The backing went from "ho-hum" to "wow".  Okay, maybe not "wow", but it could be from "drab" to "fab".

Take you pick.  I'll let you decide ......
It is over at Anne's to be long arm quilted.  I'll post photos when it comes home.  

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