Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Product review

I tried something I had never tried before and the first time I used it, I gave it a negative -- really negative -- thought.  I didn't like it.
So I tried it again.  This time positive!
What was it?  Heat Press batting tape.
The first time I tried it, I was using two large pieces of batting and to be honest I was just totally frustrated by the time I had them together.  
The tape is well hidden in a quilt now, so I have no photos.
This time, I worked with two smaller pieces and thought to myself
"how easy is this?"
 Although it probably isn't necessary, I put the tape on both sides of the batting.

I'm not sure I would buy another package of it as it is not cheap.  I can stitch two pieces of batting together for a lot less money and it would take about the same length of time.
It was fun to try.  It has it's place in quilting.

Again, the subject of Frixion pens came up over the holidays.  Again, I don't recommend them and honestly think they should not be sold in quilt shops.
I told an owner this a few years back and she looked at me like I had grown another head of hair. 
I wish!
This is the last time I'm posting about these pens.  I can't recommend them and no one should be recommending them to you.
Here you go, right from another blog post.

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