Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I had to try

a modern quilt.  I don't know how this term came about because if you look at the Quilts of Gee's Bend, it seems to me they are a take-off on those quilts.
No matter.
I had some fabric and I found a pattern and I changed it up a bit and here we go!

These are the 6 meters of fabric I purchased quite awhile ago at our local sewing store.  They are from Cotton and Steel and no unfortunately, I don't know which line.  I could run downstairs and find out, but it's an old one so possibly you won't find it.
I wouldn't normally purchase fabric like this, but I was given a challenge which I accepted.
I designed a few and didn't like them.  I designed a few more, didn't like them, packaged them up again and put them away.
Then one day while cruising the internet I found this!
It shouted at me................"this is it!"                                 Of course, I couldn't leave it alone.  I had to change it up just a bit.  The link to the original pattern is under the photo.  Click on it and you can download her directions.   They are well written and you won't have any problems with them.
I wanted to change it a bit as I didn't have enough fabric to make the center of the blocks.  I had to use another fabric.
My quilt top took 3 meters of fabric and one fat quarter will do the center blocks.
This quilt is a beginner's quilt, which means anyone can do this quilt.
If you would like my directions for this quilt, the link to it is here.  It is just a wee bit different from the original.
 If you have directional fabric, I do suggest you watch the placement of the fabric.  I purposely put one block the wrong way just to see that it looked like.
It stuck out like a sore thumb
I said on the directions that people seem to be trying to take short cuts with their quilting.  They are using fabric that shall we say is not of the best quality, they are not measuring their work, borders seem to be added by the 
"I'll just add strips and cut off the excess method".
I decided to only give the widths for this quilt.  You will have to measure for your inner and outer borders.
Wavy borders are caused by the lack of measuring.  The simple reason your quilt doesn't lie flat, before you quilt it.    
If you are going to take all the time to make a quilt, use the best fabric, use the best thread and measure.
My sermon from the mount for today
This quilt is doable in about 3 days.  I spent one day cutting it and the next two sewing it together.
I'm going to try this quilt again.  I believe I have some boy/man fabric in my stash that this pattern would work well with.  I just have to remember where I put it.

Ready to go on the long arm in February.  I'm going to use a very modern pantograph on this one.  I have to decide on the colour of the thread.  I am leaning towards that turquoise colour.  We shall see.

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