Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I have to apologize.....

I started off really busy yesterday by running out to the store to buy backing fabric.  I came home to start making the turkey pot pies, had lunch, had a nap, made the pastry for the pies, made the backing as it is going on the long arm today and then it was supper time.  I completely forgot about the blog!  So today we will start the week.
I know you won't be liking me very much.  I have all my Christmas gifts made.  I did them last winter when the days were long and pretty darn cool.  Perfect weather for it.
For those that are ready to get going, here are some ideas I found while surfing one dull cloudy fall day.  The temps had dropped a bit and the colours were just starting to change.  A perfect day in my book.
This is something I may consider making.  Who for?  Who knows, but I do love the idea of it.  I received it in an email from Connecting Threads.

I have two spatulas that I just love and should look for more.  I found them at my local grocery store and they have metal handles, not the old wooden style and definitely not plastic.

Over on Pinterest I saw this with no directions, but a mitt pattern would certainly do it for you.
I like new ideas for the table on Christmas Eve when there is just Karl and I and of course, the new boys.

Do you have a little one you give to?  Our little ones are grown up now, but I think these are pretty cute when you have to go to the doctor's office and want to keep them busy while you wait.
Do you own a tablet?  Do you know someone who does?  I believe there is only one member -- no make that two members -- of our family that don't own a tablet.  I find them useful in the kitchen for recipes instead of printing them off.  
Okay, I'll confess I play a lot of solitaire on my tablet too.   You could say I'm addicted!  
This is just what I need.
Now to the sewing room, to find some fabric!  Maybe I'll work on it today, maybe I'll finish up a project or two that have been waiting for me............
now that would be a great idea!

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Humboldt Broncos
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