Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Boy, did I test this out!

Anne asked me if I would like to try a thread that she uses on her long arm.  I said "sure".....heck, why not.
I put that thread through it's paces, let me tell you.
The first thing I did was sandwich two pieces of 80/20 batting between two pieces of white fabric.  Loaded up the machine with this beautiful Glide thread and I was off.
I just did a bit of free motion for a tiny flower.  It didn't start off as one, but that's how it ended up!
What I was going to do next, I had no idea.  Then I remembered a stencil I had in the closet that has been there forever!  I know where I bought it.........a little quilt shop in Ohio.....somewhere in Mennonite country.  I also remember the rain was coming down in buckets!

Look at the price of this.........don't think I could find one for that amount of money anymore.
I was up, I was down, I went around in circles. just flowed through my machine like it was made for it.

One last test!  How dense can you quilt? 
Well I have a bag of hi- loft batting, that has been hanging around for a long time.
Lets cut a tiny piece off and insert that between the two layers of 80/20 and see what happens.
I opted for a fish this time..........a fish with no eye, but he has stripes!
I'm sold!  I would buy this thread.
If you want to give it a try........well, what can I say.  It is more than affordable.
It is a tri-lobal thread........all polyester.

Our weigela bush is in bloom

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Humboldt Broncos
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